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workin' my ass off!

OK~! i purchased cloth for tsukasa two days ago and the process has already begun! the belt is all done, a small step, but something that's behind me! i've started work on the pants too. as long as i just take each piece one at a time i won't get too overwhelmed and freaked out. sadly, i've had to postpone working on the columbia corset to handle tsukasa, himemiya and yuki all at once. himemiya is nearly finished! i just have to finish the black trim all around and put the little accessories and epaulets on the sleeves. it shall be done SOON! yuki was started today too. so far i just have parts of the shirt cut, i still have more to go, but it should be nothing after himemiya. v_v...
the webpage is also being updated, so give it a little look-see!

...i hope i haven't taken on too much...
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