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Anticipating A-Kon.

Well, neither of us went to Ushicon this weekend because we didn't want to pay the $35 (same price as A-Kon o_O) and have been spreading out our schedules in order to prepare for the summer.

Costumes in progress for A-Kon:
Miwako (Paradise Kiss)
Sora (Escaflowne movie)

Zim (Invader Zim) [Laura does have a Gaz costume, but might not wear it at A-Kon...we'll see]
Anthy Himemiya (Utena movie)

Laura & Sue together:
Tohru & Yuki (Fruits Basket)

We also will bring Kaworu and Yui, and Sue will have her Miki (Utena movie version) costume. We'll wear these during the less active hours, like earlier mornings and late at night.

Also, check out our webpage! We're really proud of it, even though we're stlil working on it. Above, I've listed the most immediate projects, but (especially on my page) you can see what other things are ongoing.

More to come!
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*applauds* Very nice job on the website! =D ^_^ Lots of really cool pictures. ^-^ Keep up the excellent work on those costumes! ^_^
I came across your website after searching for Paradise Kiss cosplay and I just wanted to say that I can't wait to see your Miwako costume. Hopefully, one of my Yukari dress will be done before A-kon and maybe we can get together for a photo op! :D