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A couple of smallish to medium-ish costume updates.

First of all, this weekend is Sue's Rocky Horror Christmas Theme Show, so we're both making costumes for that. Mine is going to be a corseted, sexy-type elf, and depending on the role she gets, hers will be a modified/embellished version of the character's outfit (probably) -- but I'll let her talk about that when she figures it all out.

Today we went to buy corsets and I got a white sleeveless one that I intend to dye green -- we went to several department stores, a Frederick's, and a store that caters to exotic dancers, but none of them had green! The only one that had anything even close was Electrique Boutique (the latter of the aforementioned), as they had them in red, blue and purple. But the woman who helped us said that she'd never even seen a green one -- I can think of tons of uses for a green corset! But, dye it is. I also bought a ton of stuff with which to embellish it to make it more Christmas-y, and I'll add details about that later (after I figure out what I'm going to do with everything!)

I also bought 10 yards of muslin so that I can start working on my costumes -- with that, I plan to do my prototypes for Natsuko, Sora and BT. If I have time, I'll also start working on Tohru and possibly Yaone (I also have a base cloth for that, and it seems pretty simple -- but only the prototype will tell!) I have a goldenrod colored cloth for Natsuko, and I'll practice painting on that so that I'll be prepared for Sora. It's exciting -- even dying the cloth will help me for when I have to do one of Sora's inner robes (I'm taking white and red striped cloth and dying it yellow -- hopefully the red will stay red and not turn orange). Practice practice!

As always, photos are forthcoming.
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