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holiday season costuming

SO! laura and i have visited the new cloth store. it is MASSIVE. it's a two-level cloth/craft store of almighty doom which will be very helpful for our upcoming projects. we're going to be tackling some more complicated costumes for movie releases and A-Kon 15.

also, i have some unfinished costumes that i would like to be done with once and for all. Yuki from fruits basket needs to be either completed or redone, because i used to work on it in class when i was exempt from exams at the end of my senior year. yikes. >_< invader zim has been sitting in the "to do" part of my closet even longer.

i haven't decided who i want to be for a-kon yet, but i have two or three clear ideas in mind that i'm most excited about working on...i just need a stud gun, and the cloth store of doom supposedly carries them.

we're currently working on a new page design (and by "we" i mean i watch laura do it and i tell her when i think something looks pretty) so watch for it in the next few weeks.
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