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sewing madness!

i've been slacking on ALL of my costume work for the past week or so because...well...i've just been lazy, ok? shoot me dead!

but before you do that, let me tell how how much i did this weekend!
it was a theme show at rocky horror for easter, and since i was playing rocky i decided that it was BUNNY TIME! i whipped up a cute little white bunny costume just for the show. i made a hat, gloves, bunny feet (that had kind of a "loose socks" vibe), and a i made some additions to a white bra and skirt that i had.

i was SUPER-CUTE! if i do say so myself. ^_^ i was furry and fuzzy, and ooh! i had a sparkly egg hanging from each bunny ear. they both came off before the show was over, but what the hell, they were cute.

also! i put some major time into the tsukasa costume. ^_^ the skirt is completely finished, and now hangs on my window. work on the shirt can probably be finished by tomorrow or the next day. i sewed the sides and i'm almost ready to connect the sleeves.

boy i love progress. ^_^
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