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a merrry rocky christmas

i finally decided what to use for the columbia christmas costume today. i have no money because i have to buy christmas presents, so this proved to be exceptionally difficult. I bought a tight, small red shirt, and i'm in the process of covering it with small green sequins all over, and leaf shaped ones to line the top and bottom. this maintains columbia's glittery goodness without making me buy a new red corset. right now it's looking really good, but on one side there's about an inch of no sequins. also, i want to fill in any blank spaces and make it SUPA-GLITTERY!

my next task is to create a green sparkly garter. i'm sure you're thinking, "hey, what's with all the green?" but i have red thigh-highs, so don't fret, i have it allll under control! i was trying to find some normal green underwear for floorshow, but all i could find was uber expensive thongs, and that's just waaaayy too much of the sue!

i'll post pics a few days after the show, so everyone can see the whole process of making and wearing.
happy holidays!
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